The documents below are the current product brochures, documentation and software updates for the TIP100 Remote Interface product.

The ‘Update’ packages are a ZIP archive with a README file and the binary image that can be used to updating the TIP100 through its web interface and the ‘Update’ menu.

The latest update is v1.13, which was released on 1st Aug 2014. This version introduces a new ‘Auto-Link’ feature which eases deployment on point-to-point links (like with Ethernet-Fibre converters). Further details are in the README file in the update archive package. There are no further updates compared to v1.12. If the ‘Auto-Link’ is not required there is no need to upgrade from v1.12.

The previous version v1.12 which was released on 5th Jun 2014 improves on the V.11 version in faster reconnects after either TIP100 in a link has restarted. It also includes the automatic update facility introduced in v1.11 to upgrade the Interface Controller to v1.6. See the README file in the ZIP archives for further details.

Other than the web interface upgrade, it is also possible to upgrade or recover the TIP100 through a PC serial port. Contact us if you require such a ‘Rescue’ package.

Through_IP_TIP100_Remote_Transceiver_Interface_Brochure_05-2011.pdf524.14 KB
Through_IP_TIP100_Remote_Transceiver_Interface_System_Overview.pdf955.68 KB
Through_IP_TIP100_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf67.09 KB
Through_IP_TIP100_User_Guide_v1.11_May_2014.pdf1.34 MB
Through_IP_TIP100_User_Guide_v1.13_Aug_2014.pdf1023 KB
Through_IP_TIP100_Software_Update_v1.11.zip235.47 KB
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